Not everyone can: squat 300 lbs, run a mile in 7 minutes, do insane cross-fit routines, jog 10 miles, have a six-pack, do crazy calisthenics, but as long as they have a healthy goal they’re striving for, then that is all that matters. Stop putting people down; I mean shouldn’t we be happy that people are working out?! Start supporting people, even if they are involved in a different area of fitness or just started a certain area of fitness.





What kind of world do we live in when young men are so proud of violating unconscious girls that they pass proof around to their friends? It’s the same kind of world in which being labeled a slut comes with such torturous social repercussions that suicide is preferable to enduring them. As a woman named Sara Erdmann so aptly tweeted to me, “I will never understand why it is more shameful to be raped than to be a rapist.”

And yet it is: so much so that young men seem to think there’s nothing wrong with—and maybe something hilarious about—sharing pictures of themselves raping young women. And why not? Their friends will defend them, as they did in Steubenville, tweeting that the young woman was “asking for it” and that the boys were being unfairly targeted.

Women and girls are the ones expected to carry the shame of the sexual crimes perpetrated against them. And that shame is a tremendous load to bear, because once you’re labeled a slut, empathy and compassion go out the window. The word is more than a slur—it’s a designation.


Saw this at Reddit, where the following comment made my day:

“Is that a baby creeper? It’s really short compared to the guy. And considering that it is all in one piece, I assume it hasn’t actually blown itself up and destroyed anything yet.

“So the way I see it, this racist dick just walked up to a little kid and destroyed his sand castle, just because someone who has the same color skin as the kid did something mean to him once upon a time. And now this kid is being taught that everybody hates him for the way he looks. There’s nothing he can do to change their minds. He becomes more bitter and hateful as each day goes by.

“By the time he’s fully grown the anger has been welling up inside him for so long, that the mere sight of some guy building a house just makes him want to explode.”

(via Just Desserts by *Omny87 on deviantART)